Ronah: Book one of the Lissae series (Paperback)

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Ronah: Book one of the Lissae series Cover Image
By R. Lennard, Eanna Roberts (Editor), Vanesa Garkova (Cover Design by)
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A looming evil. A hidden savior. A young protector will rise...

Shari Dawn is no ordinary seventeen-year-old. In a world desperate for a protector, she could be the answer. But revealing her innate powers to the non-believers of her hometown could spell death for everyone she loves...

Battling against the guidance of her by-the-book mentor, Shari unveils her magic--and unleashes a curse designed to push her to the breaking point. And now she must hone her strengths if she has any hope of defending her realm from a bloodthirsty entity bent on destruction and revenge.

Will Shari defeat the primeval menace, or has she doomed her world to eternal darkness?

Ronah is the first book in the Lissae series of epic YA fantasy adventures. If you like fierce heroines, pulse-pounding action, and unique magical worlds, then you'll love R. Lennard's suspenseful page-turner.

Buy Ronah to bend the elements to your will today

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648382935
ISBN-10: 0648382931
Publisher: R Lennard
Publication Date: December 7th, 2018
Pages: 398
Language: English