Searching for Home (Paperback)

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Searching for Home is the amazing journey of Maddie who leaves home in search for the missing element in her life: her father. Soon joined by Leith, who has his own problems to escape, this touching tale is full of unexpected dangers, but most of all, she faces her own future by unlocking the past. *** Maddie hates not knowing anything about her real dad but her mum won't talk about him. She already does the housework and her half-sister constantly destroys her stuff, so why is her mum expecting her to give up even more just because of a new baby? Maddie is determined to find her dad and make things right. She takes her horse, Endora, and sets out on a dangerous adventure but is soon stopped by Leith. Maddie has to allow him to come or she'll never succeed. So with Leith, who has his own reasons for wanting to leave town, they set off on the long journey across the Australian countryside and through the city, with only her horse and his bike to get them there. But how can two kids find a dad who hasn't been heard from in over ten years?

About the Author

I'm an Aussie author based in Melbourne. I love writing for kids but when I'm not writing I teach swimming and am a teachers' aide because I love being in water and reading - just not at the same time! I have a Diploma in Library and Information Services. I have worked as a teachers' aide for three years and a swimming instructor for ten years. My household has too many pets; I blame it on my kids. I have two chickens, two guinea pigs, one cat and one Fighting Fish.
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ISBN: 9781497304079
ISBN-10: 1497304075
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: March 10th, 2014
Pages: 166
Language: English